Catchment scale quantification
of water quality impairment of
drinking and recreational waters

Drinking and Recreational Water

Quantification of drinking and recreational water quality is the core business of CREH driving its Catchment Modelling and Flow and Load surveys of sewage works.

Major projects for the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate have delivered surveys of Cryptosporidium spp. in treated drinking waters, the quality of private water supplies and bottled waters in the United Kingdom.

Recreational water investigations have been completed for regulators and governments in England, Wales and Scotland and for major water companies responsible for approximately half the English coastal bathing waters.  Work for UK regulators and governments has also addressed the principal means of improving water quality through both agricultural diffuse pollution control and enhanced treatment of sewage works effluents. They have a full range of field equipment and the support of the CREH Analytical UKAS accredited laboratory to complete field investigations at the catchment scale designed to quantify water quality impairment of drinking and recreational waters.